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Safety is of utmost importance in industries like construction or uniform manufacturing in the UAE. That’s why safety apparel is absolutely crucial. Our factory specializes in producing top-quality high-visibility vests, jackets, and shirts that fully comply with safety standards and regulations. Additionally, we can customize these garments with reflective tape and other safety features. At our factory, we prioritize safety above all else. We recognize the significance of providing proper safety equipment, particularly in the form of work uniforms. That’s why we offer an extensive range of safety work uniforms to ensure the well-being and protection of your workers while they are on the job.

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Fire-resistant clothing is another essential inclusion in the industrial uniform, particularly in sectors where exposure to flames and heat is prevalent. These specialized garments are made from flame-resistant materials, protecting workers in firefighting, welding, and oil and gas industries from potential fire hazards. With fire-resistant clothing, employees can work confidently, knowing they have reliable protection against burns and other fire-related risks.

Protective coveralls form an indispensable part of the industrial uniform, offering full-body protection against chemicals, particulates, and biological agents. In laboratories, chemical plants, and healthcare facilities, these coveralls act as a strong barrier, preventing harmful substances from reaching the skin and clothing. By providing comprehensive protection, they contribute significantly to maintaining a safe and secure work environment in potentially dangerous settings.

Moreover, safety helmets, safety shoes, and safety gloves play critical roles in the industrial uniform. Safety helmets defend workers against head injuries from falling objects and impacts. Safety shoes are designed with reinforced toecaps and sturdy soles, safeguarding feet from heavy objects, sharp materials, and slips. Safety gloves protect hands from cuts, abrasions, and hazardous substances, ensuring workers can handle tasks with confidence and protection.

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Industrial Uniform Products

Hi-Visibility Vests

Hi-Visibility Vests are a crucial part of any job that involves working outdoors or in low light conditions. Our vests are made with bright, fluorescent colors and reflective strips that make workers visible from a distance. They are perfect for construction sites, road crews, and emergency res-ponders.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

For jobs that involve high heat or flames, we offer a range of fire-resistant clothing. Our clothing is made with materials that can withstand high temperatures and will not ignite easily, protecting workers from severe burns. These clothes are essential for welders, firefighters, and other workers who are exposed to fire hazards.

Protective Coveralls

Stay protected from head to toe with our durable and reliable protective coveralls. These coveralls uniforms are made from high-quality materials that shield you from workplace hazards. They’re easy to put on and take off, ensuring convenience and quick readiness for the job.

Safety Helmets

Safety first! Our safety helmets are designed to provide you with top-notch head protection. They meet strict safety standards, offering impact resistance and comfort for worker uniforms. You can trust our helmets to keep you safe while on-site.

Safety Shoes

Protect your feet with our safety shoes, specially designed for comfort and safety. These shoes are equipped with steel toes and slip-resistant soles, ensuring your feet stay safe and comfortable throughout your workday.


With Studio by BP, you’ll find industrial and safety uniforms that fit your needs perfectly. Safety and comfort are combined in every stitch.

Safety Gloves

Your hands are essential tools, and we’ve got them covered. Our safety gloves are crafted precisely to provide a secure grip, dexterity, and protection against abrasions, cuts, and other workplace risks. Choose from a variety of styles that suit your needs.